Blockchain bricks: Request is built upon 0x, Civic and Aragon

/Blockchain bricks: Request is built upon 0x, Civic and Aragon

Blockchain bricks: Request is built upon 0x, Civic and Aragon

Blockchain has one strength that is yet to be used: interoperability.

While the finance world is hiding behind black boxes to protect their system, Blockchain allows to create systems that can be used by anyone.

All projects can benefit from each other’s and create a strong network effect as the bricks are created.

This is the exact reason why we are using existing bricks. There are really strong projects out there bringing us a support while our own system is a brick that can be used in other projects.

The protocol for trading token

First brick: 0x, a cross currency settlement system

We believe that there will be an important number of currencies in the future, and that the currency you keep your money in will not always be the currency that you have to pay with.

For this reason we are building upon 0x to allow the entity requesting the money to be paid in the currency he needs and the one who pays to use the currency he wants.

 “Money” will die and be replaced by digital portfolios of assets that connect with liquid markets doing instant exchange and settlement.”

Second brick: Civic, an identity provider

Secure & Protect Identities

You can use Request without sharing your identity. However, adding your identity to the system will be recommended to enjoy benefits such as Reputation, Accounting, Audit and Trust from the payer.

Request will allow different “Identity” providers to be plugged on the system. It could be banks, governments or trusted companies. However we think the most used system will be on the blockchain and Civic is the perfect candidate for that because it has already the support from many of us.

Third Brick: Aragon, a governance protocol

Unstoppable organizations

We believe their great project will help thousands of companies in the future. Request would actually be a a strong asset for Aragon companies, providing an automated accounting and auditability. Owners would only focus on their business, and shareholders will be able to transparently access the financial status of the company.

For associations, it would be a great step in financial transparency.

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