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A Pioneer in Crypto Investments

Cyber Capital B.V., founded in 2016 in Amsterdam (Netherlands), is a fund manager that offers qualified investors to gain exposure and participate in the emerging crypto asset class with professional, secure, liquid, and transparent investment services.

The company was among the first worldwide to launch a cryptocurrency fund in 2016 and holds a successful track record in generating superior returns for a long-term investment horizon. Cyber Capital approaches crypto asset management with the same professional mind-set and standards as present in the traditional financial industry.

Cyber Capital strongly believes in finding the right balance between crypto-native expertise and the institutional financial marketplace. The team combines a crypto-native expertise with a honed investment strategy to create smart investment opportunities in a digital economy.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Pioneering smart crypto investment opportunities

Our Client Value Drivers


Ensuring safe, compliant and transparent investment services 


Combining crypto-native knowledge with a honed investment strategy


Striving to generate superior returns with a long-term investment horizon

Our Cultural Drivers


We are passionate about crypto
and the opportunities of its future ecosystem


We place clients at the center of our mission and create value-adding long-term solutions


We build and innovate the future together as a dedicated team with outstanding commitment


Media Releases

Alexander Werkheim appointed CEO of Cyber Capital to expand its strong performing cryptocurrency fund business. 

Amsterdam (the Netherlands), February 1, 2022 – Following a successful transformation period in which a solid foundation for future growth was established under the leadership of CEO Katie Richards, Cyber Capital appoints Alexander Werkheim today to take over the helm and to expand its institutional and private clients investor base. 
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Cyber Capital to renounce a potential merger and clearing the way for future growth

Amsterdam, 4 March, 2021 – Cyber Capital has renounced a potential merger with Icoinic Capital. Cyber Capital, which marks the upcoming fifth anniversary of its successful cryptocurrency fund, has cleared the way for independent future growth.
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Media Clippings

“Cryptocurrency part of the separation of powers”

Medium: Fondsnieuws

Date: February 1, 2022 (in Dutch)

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Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. With over 11,500 different cryptocurrencies, the market remains broad and complex for most investors.

Medium: Algemeen Dagblad
Datum: September 28, 2021 (in Dutch)
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Saying it’s too late to invest in cryptocurrencies is like thinking it’s too late to invest in the internet.

Medium: Financieele Dagblad
Datum: May 31, 2021 (in Dutch)

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Rise of cryptocurrency only at beginning of democratization of monetary system

Medium: De Telegraaf

Date: March 24, 2021 (in Dutch)

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Media Contact
Cyber Capital B.V.
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Strategic Partners

Cyber Capital integrates well established financial methods and trusted partners into the new digital asset universe to provide secure investment exposure for institutional investors, HNWI and sophisticated non-professional investors.

At Cyber Capital, we manage our regulatory risk with the following strategic partner:


IQ-EQ executes the client and financial administration of the funds managed by Cyber Capital. They perform the legally required client due diligence (CDD) on new and existing participants. Furthermore, IQ-EQ calculates the weekly net asset value (NAV) and monitors all financial movements and total solvency of the fund.


Justin Bons


After studying philosophy at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Justin discovered crypto assets in 2013 and immersed himself in this new technology. This led him to actively invest and research cryptocurrencies full-time in 2014 as a generalist with a specialization in the politics and decentralized governance of cryptocurrencies. In BTC’s development, Justin was involved in block-size debates in favor of larger blocks and supported the software implementations of BTC XT, BTC Classic and became a member of BTC Unlimited. Over time, with a critical mindset towards evaluating cryptocurrencies including, Justin has developed his own theories on blockchain governance as a major factor to the competitive evolution of cryptocurrencies. Through writing articles, giving lectures and regularly participating in public debates surrounding cryptocurrencies, he gains insights to further hone the fundamental analysis-based investment strategy that remains his primary focus.

Alexander Werkheim

CEO Cyber Capital B.V.

Alexander has over 25 years of experience as an investment professional. During his most recent role as a regulated board member at Ostrica B.V., a quantitative asset manager, he was primarily responsible for clients and growth. Following a 5-year training program at Amro Bank, Alexander worked at major US Investment banks Shearson Lehman and Merrill Lynch where he acted as a registered series 3 and series 7 senior financial consultant and became a member of the Falcons Club. Throughout his career, Alexander has placed a high value on both institutional and private client relationships. Besides his CEO commitments at Cyber Capital, Alexander holds a board position at Stichting Buddyhuis, a foundation that promotes a support buddy system for cancer patients to improve their quality of life.



Santosh began his career in 2014 as a Research Analyst at Macquarie Securities, covering multinational companies listed across Johannesburg, London, and Zurich. This was the beginning of his journey into fundamental research for institutional investors. Thereafter he joined the Investment Team of African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) for 5 years – a private equity firm that manages USD2 billion. Santosh takes a keen interest in innovative technologies and led AIIM’s investment into a technology firm that uses a decentralised model to provide solar power to off grid households. He has been researching and investing in cryptocurrencies since 2017 and acutely understands the significant impact of blockchain technology on finance and beyond. He is an active contributor to PRIME DAO’s Rating reports – a permissionless framework for quantifying quality and risk of open finance protocols. Upon graduating with an MBA from INSEAD in 2020, Santosh joined ConsenSys in Business Development. Santosh also holds an honours degree in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management from the University of Cape Town.

Zeb Lelie


Since the start of Cyber Capital in 2016, Zeb Lelie has been a Research Associate. He has an academic background in Political Science and Political History from the University of Amsterdam. In 2014 these concepts attracted him towards blockchain technology that provides new forms of choice and subsequently the power of programmable money. In 2015, Zeb founded Cryptowiki.me, a comprehensive database focused on the crypto-ecosystem. In addition, Zeb worked with the Blockchain Meetup in Hanoi and at the Blockchain Workspace of Amsterdam, a blockchain development group. Aside from offline activities, he is an active participant in on-chain DeFi governance. Zeb advises multiple projects and research groups which has led him to be invited into the global expert network of the Blockchain Founders Fund (BFF). After working as Grant Lead at the Balancer DAO he now is building with Game7 for their grants program. He is leveraging all of his experience and knowledge as an active consultant with Cyber Capital.



After making his first transactions on the Bitcoin network in 2014, Zev cultivated a growing interest in the world of cryptocurrencies. During his studies, he applied asset pricing theory and fundamental analysis to construct his own diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. With a background in econometrics and quantitative risk management, Zev’s first role as a quantitative analyst at Cyber Capital from 2017-2019 allowed him to apply his favourite programming language Python for scenario simulations, liquidity risk control, performance and exposure analysis, in addition to his cryptocurrency research and portfolio reconciliation responsibilities. Then, following two years of data science and scrum master experience at the Belastingdienst (the Dutch tax office), Zev returned to Cyber Capital in 2021 with a broad set of technical, quantitative and management skills to lead core IT and Middle Office processes as Head of Operations.



Since 2017, Stephan is a cryptocurrency investor and admirer of the digital economy and the incredible capabilities of blockchain. Stephan started two companies in 2016 during his bachelor degree; the first one he founded to provide digital solutions to individuals and the second company he co-founded an agency to provide local temp resources in hospitality . With a fascination for exploring different cultures, Stephan set out on an international path to study in five different countries; Chile, the Netherlands, Uruguay, Spain and Denmark and is fluent in Dutch, English and Spanish. This path led to a Master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and he is now completing his second Master’s degree in Management (CEMS). As a client relations manager, Stephan provides Cyber Capital investors with personalized service and is focused on driving new business.



Andrew has been interested in macroeconomics for over a decade and began having an interest in cryptocurrency around 2017, shortly before entering graduate school for computer science. Having an interest in both economics and computer science paved the way for the intersection of both in the form of cryptocurrency. While in graduate school, he worked closely with Dr. Xu Wu, a chemistry professor, and became co-author of a paper published in the journal Computational Biology and Chemistry. He also worked under Dr. Gary Wagner, an economics professor, to write programs compiling research data. Andrew often ponders the technological aspects of cryptocurrency with a focus on scalability. He works as a software developer at CGI in addition to being a research consultant at Cyber Capital. As a research consultant, he analyzes projects, compiles research reports, participates in dialogues with the rest of the research team, and keeps up to date with things going on in the cryptomarket.



As our Office Manager, Frederiek’s mission is to support the team, our clients and our businesspartners. Aside from ensuring the office runs smoothly, she also supports the management team, takes care of compliance and human resources, including the fun activities for our team. She keeps all the plates spinning with a sense of creativity, humor, and "a hands-on mentality". Frederiek is mainly responsible for the positive atmosphere in the office, or maybe it is because of her office dog "Cooper," who joins the team on Fridays. With a background in Hotel Management Frederiek has worked at multiple corporate and technology companies and is learning more and more about the world of cryptocurrencies.


Cyber Capital is a pioneer in crypto investments as the company was among the first worldwide to launch a cryptocurrency fund (2016). The team combines an outstanding crypto-native expertise with a honed investment strategy to create smart investment opportunities in the digital economy. Cyber Capital holds a successful track-record and strives to generate superior returns with a long-term investment horizon. The firm is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Cyber Capital offers a highly entrepreneurial, dynamic and inclusive work environment that allows people to contribute with their ideas to the development and growth of the firm.

We are currently expanding our team with the following positions.

Open Application Internship



Address: Herengracht 416, 1017 BZ Amsterdam, Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)20 778 1293
E-Mail: contact@cyber.capital


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