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Justin Bons, Founder and CIO

Thomas Francken, Investment Manager

Cyber Capital Team

“As a Fund Manager applying fundamental analysis I have to be objective and apply consistent principles to the evaluation of cryptocurrency. Having been an investor in Dash, Tezos and Decred since inception gives me a good understanding of self-funding mechanisms and experience in evaluating them.”

“The economic benefits of decentralised crypto asset systems are proving to be an important financial evolutionary step, as opposed to a pure threat to the existing systems. From a high-over economic perspective, the combination of decentralised distributed ledger technology with a crypto asset affects at least two key costs.”

In this article we have taken a critical look at the
current state of crypto assets as an investment from
an insider’s perspective. In our final performance
analysis, we focused on Bitcoin because it is most
well-known and has the longest history. This does
not mean that we endorse Bitcoin as an investment.

Collective Emergent Governance

Response to BCH Miner Donation Plan

Justin Bons, Founder and CIO

Justin Bons, Founder and CIO

“Nakamoto Consensus is not a blanket justification for all action, if it where a lead developer could also push through changes increasing the twenty one million supply limit. A lead developer certainly could do this but the amount of disruption and damage this would cause even if his proposal is rejected should objectively be seen as an example of bad leadership since it ignores the practical reality of human politics and what is required in order for a community to stay unified.”

“The primary advantage of my initial proposal was political, considering that I changed very little from the initial Infrastructure Funding Plan. Allowing these major parties to more easily agree to these changes, while solving many of the ethical, corruption & centralization problems.”

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