Cryptocurrencies: No More Excuses

2018-06-21T10:48:01+00:00 21 June 2018|

Private banks in Asia risk upsetting their wealthy clientele if they continue to pretend that nobody cares about cryptocurrencies, the world’s most watched wealth survey shows.

A top private banker based in London recently appealed to foreign headquarters for advice on how to deal with client inquiries on cryptocurrencies – without success. Similar attempts in Asia also […]

Mr. Winston: Bitcoin koppeling & gratis Bitcoins @ Brabant Startup Expo

2018-06-20T16:06:47+00:00 20 June 2018|

Tijdens de opening van het Brabant Startup Programma ‘Braventure’ presenteert Mr. Winston een Bitcoin-payment integratie, welke in samenwerking met Cyber Capital en is ontwikkeld. Bezoek onze stand (21-06-2018, Van der Valk Hotel Tillburg), krijg gratis Bitcoins en ben één van de eerste die ons systeem kan testen!

Regulated Crypto Custody Is (Almost) Here. It’s a Game Changer

2018-06-18T23:21:20+00:00 18 June 2018|

Hedge fund manager Kyle Samani embraces his job making multimillion-dollar bets on the wild market for cryptocurrencies, but he’s long contended with a headache: Ensuring his holdings aren’t stolen.

Samani, a managing partner at Multicoin Capital, hopes to offload that task soon. He’s among a small group of institutional investors who have been testing Coinbase Inc.’s new […]

The crypto boom is like the dotcom bubble but that’s not a bad thing: ‘Selling crypto now is like selling Apple in 2001’

2018-06-17T03:34:30+00:00 17 June 2018|

More than 1,000 cryptocurrency startups worldwide have raised over $10 billion over the last two years.
Yoni Assia, the CEO of eToro, told BI this week: “95% are going to end as nothing because that’s startup funding.” Many others in the industry agree.
But those that do survive have the potential to be huge. […]

Dutch AFM on Licensing Requirements for Institutions Invested in Crypto

2018-06-17T03:27:03+00:00 17 June 2018|

The Dutch financial regulator, The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has published a letter addressed to new and currently existing institutions invested in cryptocurrencies. The letter seeks to inform that certain cryptocurrency investment activities may require licensing from the AFM, however, expresses “serious doubts” as to “whether managers of investment institutions in cryptos […]

Circle CEO at MoneyConf Dublin: ‘We Are at the Beginning of Tokenization of Everything’

2018-06-14T18:00:04+00:00 14 June 2018|

Jeremy Allaire, Co-Founder & CEO of payments company Circle spoke this morning of an unprecedented “crypto-revolution,” saying that global society is “at the beginning of a tokenization of everything.”

Just as the early internet transformed data and communications, blockchain is now poised to revolutionize “every aspect of finance” and “reinvent public and civil services in [its] image”:


2018-06-14T14:42:56+00:00 14 June 2018|


CEO Paul Puey of the Edge cryptocurrency wallet gives an exclusive interview to Justin Bons of Cyber Capital. Paul talks about what makes the Edge wallet different from the alternatives in the market, the problems that it attempts to solve, and what future plans the company has in terms of new features and collaborations. Here […]

Why initial coin offerings will not replace venture capital for startups

2018-06-11T23:19:42+00:00 11 June 2018|

There should be no doubt by now that initial coin offerings – token sale fundraisings by startups – have established themselves as new and very compelling forms of capital raising.

Startups, primarily in the blockchain world, raised $4.6bn in various forms of token launches in 2017, a quantum leap from the $0.2 billion raised the year […]

Money Button Bitcoin Cash | Released!

2018-06-11T17:53:18+00:00 11 June 2018| recently released the idea is simple: pay anyone, anywhere, any amount, anytime, with one click.

The idea is so powerful that Satoshi decided to make the introduction of the bitcoin whitepaper all about this topic:

“While the system works well enough for most transactions, it still suffers from the inherent weaknesses of the trust based […]

CYBER CAPITAL ACADEMY by Alex Fauvel: Sybil and Satoshi

2018-06-09T21:42:02+00:00 8 June 2018|

In 2012 Microsoft mathematicians wrote a paper called “On Bitcoin and Red Balloons”. In this paper they proved that any network architecture that requires 3 or more hops can be Sybil attacked.
In this article I will be breaking down how Microsoft determined these results and what exactly they mean. But first things first, let’s make […]

Crypto assets may one day reduce demand for central bank money

2018-06-09T19:55:18+00:00 7 June 2018|

Monetary Policy in the Digital Age
The global financial crisis and the bailouts of major financial institutions renewed skepticism in some quarters about central banks’ monopoly on the issuance of currency. Such skepticism fueled the creation of Bitcoin and other crypto assets, which challenged the paradigm of state-supported currencies and the dominant role of central banks […]

Ripple CEO Believes Bitcoin May Face Similar Fate To Napster

2018-06-07T00:26:57+00:00 7 June 2018|

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, believes that Bitcoin’s influence on the cryptocurrency market could end very soon and that the leading crypto is not destined to become a global currency.

Although cryptocurrency prices are currently linked to bitcoin’s prices, Garlinghouse is convinced that it could end very soon as the market learns the differences and use cases behind […]

SEC chief says agency won’t change securities laws to cater to cryptocurrencies

2018-06-07T00:10:19+00:00 7 June 2018|

The head of the Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman made it clear Wednesday that the agency won’t be bending the rules for cryptocurrency when it comes to defining what is or what isn’t a security.
“We are not going to do any violence to the traditional definition of security that has worked for a […]

The Meaning of Decentralization

2018-06-03T21:38:11+00:00 3 June 2018|

“Decentralization” is one of the words that is used in the cryptoeconomics space the most frequently, and is often even viewed as a blockchain’s entire raison d’être, but it is also one of the words that is perhaps defined the most poorly. Thousands of hours of research, and billions of dollars of hashpower, have been […]