Cryptocurrency Exchanges Scramble to Receive Licensing

2018-08-13T11:57:18+00:00 13 August 2018|

As regulation looms over the cryptocurrency industry, exchanges are moving quickly to receive licensing in an effort to maintain their operations. Many countries have begun the initial stages of instituting regulatory measures on the cryptocurrency industry, and regulators have found that the easiest way to regulate the industry is to regulate the exchanges.

Here Is Why The Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Delay By The SEC Was Expected And Is Actually A Good Thing

2018-08-08T12:20:27+00:00 8 August 2018|

The crypto-verse is a buzz with news of the SEC deciding to postpone their decision on the pending rule change brought about by the Bitcoin (BTC) ETF filing by the three firms of CBOE, VanEck and SolidX. The unfortunate part, is that the crypto markets have since spiraled out of control with the total crypto market capitalization […]

Nobel Prize Winner Joins Blockchain Startup To Fix Smart Contracts

2018-08-02T21:12:35+00:00 2 August 2018|

Long before blockchain was cool, Nobel Prize-winning economist Oliver Hart was into contracts. As far back as 1976, the doctor of economics from Princeton University had been exploring how corporations use contracts to interact, and what happens when things go wrong.
Over the years, Hart became fascinated by what he describes as the “fuzzy” areas of […]

SEC’s New Crypto Czar Wants Coin Industry to Step Out of Shadows

2018-07-31T12:21:52+00:00 31 July 2018|

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is well known for bringing landmark cases against the biggest names in finance.

But its powers to punish individuals and companies can also be intimidating, something that’s very much on the mind of Valerie Szczepanik, the SEC’s new top official overseeing the nascent cryptocurrency industry. In taking her new job […]

VBA Journaal: Why Crypto Assets Should Be Part of Your Portfolio

2018-08-07T10:48:17+00:00 30 July 2018|

The aim of this paper is to introduce crypto assets and motivate to include crypto assets in your portfolio. Blockchains and cryptocurrencies have become the buzzwords of this decade. From a practical point of view, however, their use cases are still not widely adopted. With over a thousand crypto assets on the market, only a […]

Investeringsvehikel ziet eerste tekenen van volwassen markt voor cryptomunten

2018-07-19T15:26:08+00:00 19 July 2018|

De waarde van de bitcoin mag dan recent weer door de 7500 dollar zijn gebroken, sinds het begin van dit jaar staat de koers ruim 45 procent lager. De cryptomarkt wacht nog steeds op het toetreden tot de markt van institutionele beleggers. Er zijn echter signalen dat ze van hun koudwatervrees afkomen.

Lightning Network Vs. Bitcoin Cash For the Non-Technical Person

2018-07-16T22:39:29+00:00 16 July 2018|

In August of 2017, the Bitcoin network split in two. On one side of the split was Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which followed Satoshi Nakamoto’s plan by allowing the size of transaction blocks to increase over time.
The other side (BTC) adopted the Bitcoin Core Roadmap, limiting the block size while developing a “second layer” on top of […]

JP Morgan internal Cryptocurrency prediction report

2018-07-12T20:50:30+00:00 12 July 2018|

JP Morgan states that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Even though many of the financial institutions believe that cryptocurrencies are not the longer term phenomena but the truth is that, institutions reporting to like JP Morgan are clearly stating that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. This is according to an internal report from the company.