Unpacking Bitcoin’s Social Contract

2021-08-17T08:22:33+02:00 26 December 2018|

Bitcoin is a novel social and economic institution. It is so different from our existing institutions that we should be skeptical and ask as many hard, pressing questions as we can before trusting it with any economic value. Some answers will only reveal themselves with time (or Lindy, as the cool kids say), but that doesn’t mean […]

Pending Approval: Bakkt’s Futures Contract Is Set to Be Launched

2018-12-21T07:52:30+01:00 21 December 2018|

Bakkt‘s Bitcoin (USD) Daily Futures Contract, the physically-settled daily futures contract, is quite close to getting the green light from the authorities, according to reports on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). The exchange has been working with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to ensure its business plan is compliant with the agency’s regulatory framework.

This Brazilian Bank Is Using Ethereum to Issue a Stablecoin

2018-12-17T16:40:40+01:00 17 December 2018|

A state-owned bank in Brazil is about to issue a crypto token designed to maintain parity with the national currency.

Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, the Brazilian National Social Development Bank will launch a pilot in January 2019 for the BNDES token, which runs on the ethereum blockchain and is backed 1-for-1 by Brazilian real. The bank […]

‘Real Bitcoin Address’ Artwork Installed in Front of Former Bank in Amsterdam

2018-12-10T14:11:27+01:00 10 December 2018|

For the seventh edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival (29 November 2018 until 20 January 2019), Dutch artist Frederike Top has, rather ironically, installed her “light art” sculpture, which is in the form an actual 34-character Bitcoin wallet address, in front of a former bank building.

The ‘Loose Theory’ that Wall Street is Manipulating Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptos To Buy Cheap

2018-12-07T13:43:02+01:00 7 December 2018|

Hollywood movies are never too far removed from reality. In the case of unfair practices on Wall Street, we have seen it in legendary movies such as the 1987 classic by Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen also known as Wall Street. The movie was loosely responsible for the attraction many young graduates – in the 80s […]

Bitcoin Network Momentum

2018-12-05T20:55:33+01:00 5 December 2018|

There have been some exciting developments in blockchain analysis over the past few months. Highlights include:

Willy Woo’s NVT Ratio and Dmitry Kalichkin’s NVT Signal
Recent work presented by Nic Carter at this year’s Honey Badgerconference
The subsequent MVRV (Market Value to Realised Value) paper written by Murad Mahmudov and David Puell


2018-12-05T19:53:46+01:00 5 December 2018|

While 2018 continues to be a challenging year for cryptocurrencies, some big-money players are taking advantage of lower prices to increase their virtual currency holdings.

According to Diar, Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) now holds over 200,000 BTC for its institutional investor clientele. With 17.4 million BTC currently in circulation, this means that Grayscale’s […]

World’s Largest Financial Institutions are Still Placing Big Bets on Crypto

2018-12-05T19:24:22+01:00 5 December 2018|

Sequoia, Baidu, Nasdaq, and Fidelity are amongst some of the largest VCs, technology conglomerates, and financial institutions to make big bets on crypto in the past week.

Despite the bear market which has led major cryptocurrencies to lose about 80 to 90 percent in value on average, both digital asset-related businesses and blockchain protocols are raising tens of millions of […]

Nasdaq, VanEck Partner to Launch ‘Crypto 2.0’ Futures Contracts

2018-12-02T12:59:07+01:00 2 December 2018|

The second-largest stock exchange in the world is partnering with investment management firm VanEck to bring a host of new cryptocurrency financial products to market.

That partnership was officially unveiled during CoinDesk’s Consensus: Invest conference, when Gabor Gurbacs – VanEck’s director of digital asset strategy – announced the move to “bring a regulated crypto 2.0 futures-type […]

Buying with bitcoin? Though still not common, a tiny city in the Netherlands points the way to a digital future

2018-11-30T22:33:26+01:00 30 November 2018|

The idea of bitcoin as “the new global currency” has long been losing prominence as the primary narrative around the digital currency. These days, you’re more likely to hear about bitcoin as “censorship resistant gold” rather than as a means of payment. The value of bitcoin payments handled by major processors fell to $96 million […]

Mitigating 51% attacks with LLMQ-based ChainLocks

2018-11-30T22:32:45+01:00 30 November 2018|

The recent controversies observed in other crypto projects have shown that threats of 51% mining attacks are real, at least in the sense that they can generate a great deal of uncertainty and fear in the market.

Nasdaq plows ahead to launch bitcoin futures despite cryptocurrencies’ bear market

2018-11-29T18:09:39+01:00 29 November 2018|

The world’s second-largest stock exchange is teaming with VanEck to launch bitcoin futures.
Nasdaq’s product joins a growing list of bitcoin derivatives coming to the market in the first quarter of 2019.
Nasdaq will provide “a regulated crypto 2.0 futures-type contract” to investors, VanEck’s director of digital asset strategy said on stage this week.

An Open Letter to Unwriter

2018-11-28T21:19:47+01:00 28 November 2018|

Dear Unwriter,
I am disappointed to see that you are leaving the Bitcoin Cash community. You are a talented developer. I’ve enjoyed working with you and appreciate your contributions to the Simple Ledger Protocol and other projects we worked together on.
It is of course your decision to make, but your explanations do not make sense to […]

Blockchain people: relax. Things are happening exactly as they should.

2018-11-24T00:33:24+01:00 24 November 2018|

The last week hasn’t been easy for anyone with money in crypto. Barriers were broken through and markets have arguably reached the capitulation phase. Many commentators have pointed out the similarities between the stock market during the dot-com bubble and what’s currently happening in crypto markets.

SEC Statement on Digital Asset Securities Issuance and Trading

2018-11-18T14:18:00+01:00 18 November 2018|

Nov. 16, 2018

In recent years, we have seen significant advances in technologies – including blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies – that impact our securities markets. This statement[1] highlights several recent Commission enforcement actions involving the intersection of long-standing applications of our federal securities laws and new technologies.