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Quantitative hedge funds, computer-powered, emotionless and systematic investing has been the flavor for some time. By actively avoiding human, it was believed that quantitative strategies would also dodge Scylla of greed and the Charybdis of fear. As far as we know, algorithms are emotionless.

Bitcoinbull verwacht verzwakking van bitcoin, maar cryptomarkt zal met 5000 procent stijgen

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De cryptomunteenheid bitcoin bestaat al bijna tien jaar. Woensdag is het zover, maar het dreigt een suf feestje te worden. De bitcoin staat nog steeds bovenaan als hoofdmunt op de cryptomarkt, maar de positie van de digimunt zal in de komende tien jaar hevig onder vuur komen te liggen van andere munten.

A perspective from the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Unlimited developer who discovered CVE-2018–17144

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Six hundred microseconds. That is about the time that Matt Corallo wanted to shave off of block validation with his pull request in 2016 to Bitcoin Core. 600µs is a lot less than what is saved with more efficient block propagation, like XThin, Compact Blocks, or now Graphene over typical links, especially those that are of similar low-end quality […]

Dynamic Token Bonding Curves

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Bonding curves are essentially a mechanism that allows the continual liquidity of a token, with the price changing depending on how much ‘activity’ is conducted. Most use cases are for buying and selling into the curve, e.g. the more people that buy tokens, the higher the price goes up, the less people that buy tokens, […]

Japan’s Financial Regulator Approves Self-Regulation For Cryptocurrency Industry

2018-10-25T09:23:21+00:00 25 October 2018|

Financial Services Agency (FSA), Japan’s financial regulator, has given approval for the country’s cryptocurrency industry to regulate itself. A formal announcement on this was made on the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Dealers Association (JVCEA) website Wednesday. The FSA approval gives the association rights to set rules to safeguard investor assets, prevent money laundering, and give […]

Europe is killing it in crypto

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In the race to be the world’s dominant crypto region, European countries are crushing their peers in the US and Asia.

The value of “token sales” in Europe this year is about $4.1 billion, far above the $2.6 billion in the US and $2.3 billion raised in Asia. In a token sale – also known as […]

Assessing cryptocurrency with Yale economist Aleh Tsyvinski

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Since emerging a decade ago, Bitcoin and other digitally based cryptocurrencies have captured the imaginations of tech wizards, Wall Street bankers, and investors of all stripes.

Proponents argue that cryptocurrencies, which are decentralized and function outside the control of governments, could someday replace national currencies as the primary means of exchange. Skeptics believe that virtual currencies […]

How The Netherlands Is Blazing A Trail Through The Blockchain Scene

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The world is abuzz about blockchain, but not all are equally up to speed when it comes to their embrace and support of this important emerging technology.
Some have focused on cracking down on potentially predatory behaviors, even at the cost of thwarting enterprises that could massively improve quality of life throughout society. But some countries […]