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Steven Metz

Executive Manager

During my Master’s degree in Public Administration at Leiden University I interned on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, where I studied the relationship between technology and the political process. After my graduation in 1997, and after a 3-month trip through India and becoming an enthusiastic glider pilot, I enrolled in a management consulting career. Over the years specializing in organizational aspects of large IT projects. More specifically within banks such as ING, Barings and Mees Pierson, where I took various roles in a number of international projects.

On the personal side I have always been fascinated by the impact and transforming effect of the internet on society. It was 2013 when I first heard about cryptocurrencies, yet initially I didn’t give it much attention. But in the following years my interest grew, I started reading more on the topic and attended numerous events. It quickly became clear to me how cryptocurrencies are a logical next step in the development of the internet: “Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, period.” This enthusiasm ultimately culminated in now working for Cyber Capital.