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Boudewijn Rooseboom

Founder – CEO/CFO

After completing my Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Amsterdam in 2003, it took me 11 months and 43,000 kilometer to drive my motorcycle from Tierra del Fuego – the southernmost tip of South America – to Alaska. I then moved to Brazil, where I set up the company Stonerose Property that developed social housing projects. During my ten year stay in Brazil I gained a lot of experience with overseas investments, having to arrange for structure, taxation and legislation for both Brazil and The Netherlands.

With this knowledge, I began looking into Bitcoin and blockchain, a few years ago. I find it a fascinating and promising technology, it is still in its infancy and the possibilities are endless. What Cyber Capital is doing now has not been done before. That makes it so challenging. Besides these activities I am currently enrolled in the post academic course for Registered Controller (RC) at the Free University of Amsterdam. After all, control generates trust, which is the foundation of every investment.


Justin Bons

Founder – CIO

I studied political philosophy and history at the University of Auckland. Shortly afterwards I emigrated from New Zealand to the Netherlands in 2013. During this time I discovered cryptocurrencies in which I immersed myself more and more. This led to investing and trading in cryptocurrencies and the creation of a bitcoin mining operation in 2014.

Nowadays, I devote myself full time to cryptocurrencies, doing fundamental analysis with a focus on the underlying governance models. Cryptocurrencies require a multidisciplinary approach to understand them, but also to successfully invest in them. I expect this new technology to become more widely adopted, with capital investments making a real contribution to building the infrastructure needed for such greater mass adoption.
Through writing articles and giving lectures, I regularly participate in the public debate surrounding cryptocurrency. I am also a voting member of Bitcoin Unlimited, and an outspoken proponent of larger blocks in Bitcoin. It is an exciting time in history, I am happy to be a part of it and help to further this amazing technology.


Zev de Zeeuw

Quantitative Analyst

I bought my first bitcoins in 2014, and have since felt a growing interest in the dynamics of the world of cryptocurrencies. Much to my enjoyment, I was able to apply insights, gained during my studies, in constructing a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies. My quantitative skills consolidated while completing the Honours Master Programme ‘Quantitative Risk Management’ at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which is built upon expertise in Finance, Econometrics, and Mathematics. The covered courses provide tools for analysis and management of portfolio risks, relevant for any investment fund. During the programme I also developed a strong interest in machine learning techniques, and have written various algorithmic trading models based on academic literature.

There is always more to learn, and it excites me greatly to find new ways to tweak and improve existing econometric and machine learning models. I wish to provide investors with clear information on the risk and return characteristics of Cyber Capital, support the robustness of investment strategies through risk mitigation, and explore new investment strategies based on innovative literature.


Margo Huisman

Operational Manager

After my studies in Rotterdam I worked at NV Deli Maatschappij for more than 8 years, as an executive assistant to the CEO. In this position I operated on a board level, coordinating interests of stakeholders, events and management workshops. After enjoying this position for a number of years I decided to spread my wings. I was asked for a new position at NIBC bank, yet before starting my new position I chose to travel Asia for a couple of months. Traveling is a favourite pastime of mine, and next to it being a fun travel experience it gave me the opportunity to reflect and grow. At NIBC I was – among other activities – involved in organising numerous client events and a wide range of other responsibilities.

In 2017, I was introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies through friends. Already I had worked in traditional and established companies for a number of years. Perhaps also because of my sense of adventure, I became increasingly interested in pursuing a new career in an innovative startup environment. Late 2017, I was approached for this exciting position with Cyber Capital where, as part of a fun team, I am currently involved in a variety of operational tasks and responsibilities. I find it very exciting to be part of the early days of such an innovative set of technologies.


Amadeo Brands

IT Manager

During and after completing my Bachelor’s degree in IT and Business at Zuyd University in Maastricht, I successfully launched and sold a number of companies (mainly in the digital domain). After the completion of my studies, I worked in the private equity sector as a Technical Delivery Manager. This led to a growing interest in the Mendix platform, in which I have worked for multiple companies as both an IT consultant and developer.

I received my first Bitcoins in 2014, when I was doing freelance development work for a Singapore customer at the time. I had been reading about cryptocurrencies for a while, but it was this first encounter that really sparked my interest. I started to dive deeper into cryptocurrencies and the technology (blockchain) behind it and am convinced that blockchain is the next big digital revolution. I believe that cryptocurrencies could be the dawn of the single greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind.
Working at Cyber Capital gives me the opportunity to apply my technical and economic insights when studying the cryptocurrency market. We are living in very exciting times it is all about picking the right protocols and projects that will drive forward this new and bright future.


Jan-Willem Verhees

Lead Developer

After my studies Computer Science, with a Master in Embedded Systems, at the Technical University of Eindhoven, I left for St. Petersburg, Russia in 2007. There I worked for five years as a technical project manager and consultant for a Dutch IT company, for which I worked an additional year in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2013, I started the company Orange Sputnik, together with my Ukrainian business partner, in Kiev. We provide the staffing of IT employees for Western European companies. Subsequently in 2015, I founded the Dutch company Flounders BV, with a Dutch business partner in the Netherlands. Flounders provides IT projects including websites, web applications and mobile apps. The development is being done from my current city of residence St. Petersburg, Russia.

My first encounter with cryptocurrencies was in 2013, when the Bitcoin was still at 100 euros. Unfortunately, due to my busy life as an entrepreneur, I have little time to keep me well informed about the subject matter. I therefore believe in the service offered by Cyber ​​Capital, as cryptocurrencies require specific attention to be able to thoroughly understand them.


Sten Kalenda

Security Advisor

I work in ICT since 1979 and founded the PinkRoccade Internet Security Group (RISC) of which I served as its General Manager for over 20 years. In 1999 I extended the design and implementation of high secure network environments for major PKI applications in the Netherlands, the first Verisign affiliate outside of the USA. In 2001 I co-founded TrustAlert. The TrustAlert product is based on his patent. I have written several patents for both Elephanttalk and ValidSoft in the field of secure communications, authentication schema’s and have delivered several POC of security enhanced applications.

Besides my role as Security Advisor with Cyber Capital I am currently Principal Technical Consultant at KPN. Furthermore, I remain very active as a lecturer about topics such as network security practices, encryption technology and PKI at universities and post MBA master classes, and at high-level industrial and governmental security events. On Sundays, you will often find me driving my drift car on race tracks.