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Justin Bons

Founder – CIO

I studied political philosophy and history at the University of Auckland. Shortly afterwards I emigrated from New Zealand to the Netherlands in 2013. During this time I discovered cryptocurrencies in which I immersed myself more and more. This led to investing and trading in cryptocurrencies and the creation of a bitcoin mining operation in 2014.

Nowadays, I devote myself full time to cryptocurrencies, doing fundamental analysis with a focus on the underlying governance models. Cryptocurrencies require a multidisciplinary approach to understand them, but also to successfully invest in them. I expect this new technology to become more widely adopted, with capital investments making a real contribution to building the infrastructure needed for such greater mass adoption.
Through writing articles and giving lectures, I regularly participate in the public debate surrounding cryptocurrency. I am also a voting member of Bitcoin Unlimited, and an outspoken proponent of larger blocks in Bitcoin. It is an exciting time in history, I am happy to be a part of it and help to further this amazing technology.


Wilhelm Roth

Managing Director

Wilhelm spent most of his professional career in strategic consultancy in Austria, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. During his time he gained a lot of experience in strategic planning, fund raising and management as well as legislative frameworks. First encountering blockchain and cryptocurrencies, while researching for UBI and better voting governance systems. Wilhelm found the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain as the new frontier in tech and finance.

He is aligning his experience from the more “traditional” financial sector and the crypto/blockchain field. Bringing his vision and experience to full use as the Managing Director of Cyber Capital. As Managing Director, Wilhelm is responsible for all operational and financial activities of the fund.


Gert Jochems


My long history in financial services, financial supervision and consulting to financial enterprises, have brought me a broad experience. Working before for the AFM (Autoriteit Financiële Markten), Implementing Market Abuse Directive and many other aspects of “issuing companies”; involved in supervision of trading platforms (a.o. Euronext); other projects regarding financial products.

Cyber Capital has a long track record, a rarity in the market, and is one of the only companies in this field that is registered with the AFM. This brought Gert to take the lead at Cyber Capital Chief Financial Officer.


Thomas Francken

Investment Manager

Thomas has joined Cyber Capital early 2020. He holds a double master’s degree in Business Law at Tilburg University and Finance at the Nyenrode Business University. He graduated the MIT Executive Program in Blockchain Technologies, passed the CFA Exam Level I and is a CFA Exam Level II Candidate.

Next to his studies, he gained professional experience in business law, corporate finance and private equity with different boutiques. After that, he worked in leveraged structured finance at ING Bank N.V. and specialized in private equity financed leveraged buyout deals. At Cyber Capital, Thomas is involved with business development, fund management and investor relations.