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Cyber Capital - Investing in blockchain and cryptocurrencies

We invest in cryptocurrencies

Cyber Capital specializes in cryptocurrency investment as we consider it to be one of the most important innovations since the invention of the internet. Bitcoin is well known by the larger public, which is not yet the case for most alternative cryptocurrencies. There is however a growing interest in this new technology, because of its benefit and utility over current legacy systems.

Why invest in cryptocurrencies?

The practical applications of cryptocurrencies are boundless. There has been more than a billion dollars invested in companies building new businesses on top of these cryptocurrencies. However, we believe that there is more potential value in investing directly in the cryptocurrency networks themselves as opposed to investing in these various companies. After all, every successful business built on top of a cryptocurrency will add value to the entire network.


What are cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain explained

Blockchains are public ledgers where all transactions and changes are grouped in blocks. Together these blocks form a chain, representing the complete history of the ledger. This is where we get the term blockchain from.

This short video explains what a blockchain is and what different innovations we can expect utilising this technological breakthrough.

Why Cyber Capital?

Investing in cryptocurrency is still in its infancy and is therefore not well understood by most people. Because of our expertise we are capable to actively manage a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. We are primarily focused on long-term investment as we believe in blockchain technology and its potential for growth. We only invest in cryptocurrencies that we think are likely to gain in value over time. This expectation is based on the fundamental analysis we apply to each cryptocurrency we invest in.